Pay Per Click

One form of internet marketing is pay per click advertising also called PPC. Similar to search engine optimization, pay per click advertising is keyword and phrase based. It is also offered by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to help website owners get their website positioned in front of potential customers. This is at a cost determined by the search engines. You can basically inform the search engine that you want your website to be displayed when certain keywords are searched. When the search engine displays your site, they will charge you if a user clicks on your site; pay per click.

Pay For Exposure (PFE) is another name for PPC

The benefits of doing pay per click advertising far outweigh the reasons to not do it. Paying for clicks in the search engines allows you to accurately determine what keywords you want your site to list for. Specifically PPC Houston is an opportunity to increase ROI. You can also pre-determine what page on your site you want them to land on when they click. More importantly, you can control how much traffic your website receives by setting a budget. Unlike search engine optimization, which can take a few months to receive some ROI, pay per click advertising is instant. You create the account, add the keywords, set the budget and watch the clicks come in.

Why do you need us? At E-Webstyle, we do more than set it and forget it. We have tools that allow us to choose the best keywords that will generate a paying client for you. We continuously monitor your results to make sure the budget is spent wisely. We maximize each click by highlighting what you offer and directing the potential customers to that offer with minimal clicks. When the customer gets to your site, we want them to call you and purchase your service. We want to generate business for you using PPC Houston techniques.

Using our search marketing partner, we can also track who called your business and what keyword they used to find your business so they could call. Gone are the days advertising in a big yellow book, magazines, radio and other traditional methods. These ways charge you to broadcast your product to whomever is listening. Pay per click advertising allows you to pay for people who are looking for your service. We focus on PFE Houston and PPC Houston and we can manage PPC campaigns anywhere in the country and most places around the world. Let us maximize your marketing budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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