Search Engine Optimization

At E-Webstyle, a Houston seo company,we pride ourselves on consistently getting our clients to the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing through a process called search engine optimization. This is likely how you located us, and for good reason. We specialize in positioning our clients websites on these search engines and would do the same for ourselves. Search engines usually offer two sets of results. These results are either sponsored or organic (paid or free). Naturally, searchers tend to click on the organic (free) listings first. Search Engines place these listings in order by relevance to the keyword or phrase that the user searched. The more relevant Google, Yahoo or Bing feels your site is to that keyword or phrase, the higher your placement. SEO Houston is getting the search engines to understand your relevance to that keyword or phrase and reward you by placing your website higher.

Search engines have a certain criteria that they use to determine the relevancy of the website. That criteria is normally called an algorithm. As your SEO Houston based company, it is our job to not only understand what the algorithm is looking for, but to also implement it on your website. When done correctly and depending on the amount of competition for your industry, getting your website placed high in the search engines can usually take 90 to 120 days. This is one of the reasons we couple search engine optimization with pay per click advertising. We’ve had several cases where its happened in weeks but on average, its a few months.

Be leary of companies who guarantee search engine placement within a certain time frame. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms to prevent website owners from “cheating” to get their website ranked higher. This cheating is called black hat seo (seo Houston). Sometime it works short term but long term results can include having your site banned from the search engines. We only practice white hat SEO Houston. We understand what the search engines are looking for and we are confident in how to apply the correct search engine optimization.

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